Teachers Write! 6/4 Mini-Lesson Monday – Making Time

Assignment: Make a writing plan for your summer and for your school year.

Ahhh the making time versus finding time conundrum. There is no time to find in my days during the school year. I wake up 530, shower and dress, cuddle my smallest one (NOT a negotiable item on my to do list!), throw together lunch while the coffee brews and head out the door. I don’t even get coffee or breakfast until I’m sitting at my desk in the morning. I finally have the chance to sit and breathe around 9 or 930, at which point my brain is fried. The majority of school-year writing has taken place during planning periods when there was time. Hence the fact that I’ve written fewer than 100 pages over the course of the last 9 months!

This summer, I will commit to FIND time to write a minimum of 30 minutes every day while the kids are at camp (or while the small one is, at least. I can still write during the majority of the summer while the elder two are home). My hope is to bring the laptop to somewhere OUTSIDE of my home. Be it the tiny balcony outside my living room, Starbucks, or the not-too-distant japanese gardens, I will be writing somewhere other than my couch or kitchen table. Too easy to find other things that need doing if I’m sitting in the main area of my home.

Once the school year has begun, I will commit to writing at least 20 minutes per night once the kids are all tucked in. I WILL stick to that schedule!


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