Teachers Write 6/7 – Thursday Quick-Write

yes yes, i know – today is Saturday not Thursday. I have an excellent reason for missing my writing on Thursday (and not making it up on Friday!). Not a happy reason but an excellent reason. That being said? I didn’t want to miss doing any of the exercises for Summer Writing Camp, so here we go!

A student walks into the library/media center at lunchtime.  What is she/he thinking?  Worried about?  Dreading?  Hoping or wishing for? What are the risks/stakes for him/her? Show us in a paragraph or two.

Ellie pushed into the dimly-lit media center, quickly glancing around to ensure that it was, as usual, uninhabited.

Oh thank heavens! Peace!

Even the media specialist seemed to be gone. She generally loved a good conversation with Mrs. T, but she needed some time to think about what she’d seen – why were the butterflies dying? What WERE those things attacking them, anyway? And, if she was being honest with herself, she wasn’t even sure she believed that it was all real. It could totally be a dream. A very realistic, very horrific dream. Didn’t feel that way, though. What it felt like was being transported to another world, plain and simple. So very real.

Ellie snapped out of her reverie and remembered why she was there. Right, information. After a quick check of the online card catalog, she headed over to the shelf with the 500s on it. Butterflies… butterflies… butter… ah! She found a large, detailed book about the creatures and sat cross-legged on the floor right there, not even noticing the cool metal shelves as they dug into her back. Flipping to the index, Ellie ran her finger down the page until she found the listing for predators. As she tried to find the correct page in the book, there was a sudden chill in the air.

The shadows seemed to be moving around her, and her stomach danced in fear. As shapes moved out of the general darkness, it was as though the butterflies from her stomach were taking shape before her eyes. Calling to her. Singing to her. Dancing her into their spell… Ellie felt a wave of panic wash over her as her eyes drifted closed despite her attempt to fight it…


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