Teachers Write! 6/11 Mini-Lesson Monday

Assignment for this week:

If you already have a work in progress draft, create an outline from the text. Look for gaps and bulges in the outline. Think about (and jot down) how you can smooth and balance those problem areas in the next draft.

keeping this one private…. but i’ll do the monday morning warm-up from Jo Knowles

Think of someone you love or have loved (or detested, that can be fun too!) and make a list poem like the one above, describing all of the traits that made that person special, unique, memorable, frightening (you get the picture). Try to avoid clichés. Instead, give us specific tidbits that show how the person’s eyes sparkled rather than say they did–don’t fail at it like me! 🙂 Once you have your list, circle your favorites. Think about why you like those the best. Now try to use similar ones to describe the characters in your works in progress.

Hmm… again, I’m keeping this one to myself. Not because I don’t like my writing on it but because this is an unblocked blog and I don’t want the person about whom I’m writing to see it. There’s no need to hurt someone just because he/she so obviously and clearly disgusts me. (okay, that was bitchy and mean. And likely she would never read this at all. It’s not as though she’s anywhere to find out about it. That being said? I do not want her to stumble across it, see my name, and read it. She would recognize herself instantly…. )


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